Episode #87 – Child Marriage Survivor: Samra Zafar

Canada is often regarded as a beacon of democracy, where many, internationally, flee dangerous and oppressive conditions to live a life free from harm. Tragically, however, some are subjected to those very conditions on their arrival, unnoticed by the community around them.

On the heels of her recent TED talk, Paul talks with international speaker and human rights advocate, Samra Zafar, about surviving a child marriage that began at age 16 when she was forced to move to Canada to marry a man unknown to her. Nearly two decades later, she is today an inspiring example of courage and resilience, having escaped her abusive marriage and empowering herself through higher education–a dream of hers since childhood. As Samra reveals, there is the potential in all of us to, despite the worst of adversity, realize the future we want for ourselves, rather than dictated by others. In her quest of compassion, Samra […]

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