Episode #81 – Addiction Expert: Stanton Peele

There is widespread consensus today that addiction is a disease.  Beyond a moral failing, it is symptomatic of a neurological illness that permanently compromises the individual’s ability to make free and responsible decisions.

Paul and Jordan talk to psychologist, attorney, and therapist, Stanton Peele, about his controversial stance that addiction is not a disease at all.  Rather, it is a dysfunctional way of coping with various life problems, such as grief or separation, but remediable by empathetic treatment–ultimately empowering the individual to reclaim control of their life.  Hence, as Stanton reveals, he has long been an outspoken critic of the still popular twelve-step program, pioneered by Alcoholics Anonymous, and similar morally-driven recovery models that frame individuals as “powerless” to their addiction, while unable to even manage it in the absence of a “higher power”.

Learn more about Stanton at peele.net

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