Episode #78 – Mother’s Day Special 2017

Many maintain that being a mother is, as Oprah Winfrey has remarked, the world’s “toughest job”.  But what does it actually take to be a mother and how is that experienced?

Exploring the question on The Dark Room’s first Mother’s Day Special, Paul and Jordan talk to a diverse and insightful group of mothers: Isabel Michaels, Lucia Catania, Olga Ruiz, Gianna Patriarca, Teresa Gramano, Sebastiana Aprile, and Handzia Feloniuk. The group candidly discusses the strength and courage of being a mother, the sacrifices of child rearing, and different–perhaps even conflicting–cultural styles of mothering.  

This episode is in memory of Maria Salvatori, Paul’s mother, and the inspiration for the Mother’s Day Special. 

The Dark Room thanks Stephen Morris for filming and photographing the discussion. Take a look at the photos here.

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