Episode #77 – Recovering Fentanyl Addict: Dr. Darryl Gebien

The idea of a doctor unable to help himself is a frightening one. After all, we are accustomed to viewing them as responsible healers, curing or helping those in need. On the eve of his two year incarceration for drug crimes, Darryl Gebien, a former physician and recovering fentanyl user, talks to Paul and Jordan about how–despite a seemingly happy life as a well-regarded doctor of his community and beloved husband and father–he became powerless to the opioid. As Darryl reveals, fentanyl not only cost him his health but his most cherished relationships. Darryl describes how, after having fallen into the hell of addiction, he has been able to stay clean while going public about how such illness destroyed his life, in order that others avoid the same (unnecessary) fate.

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