Episode #54 – Sex Trafficking in Toronto: Carly Kalish, Casandra Diamond & Carly X

We are accustomed to hearing about sex trafficking as an international issue, involving young women forced into prostitution overseas. Paul and Jordan talk to Carly Kalish, Casandra Diamond, and Carly X, about sex trafficking at the lesser-known, local level–in this case, Toronto. Drawing from their lived experience within sex trafficking itself and helping survivors of it, the three women share powerful first-hand accounts on what such “modern day slavery” looks like in the city and how we can better remedy the problem as a compassionate society.

Learn more about Carly Kalish, Chair of the Toronto Human Trafficking Intervention Strategy (H.I.P.S.), at carlykalish.com and Casandra Diamond, survivor of sex trafficking and director of anti-sex trafficking outreach group, BridgeNorth, at bridgenorth.org

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