Episode #3 – Pedophile Hunter: Justin Payne

Should civilians take the law into their own hands?

Described as a “vigilante,” Justin Payne relentlessly pursues those who sexually groom minors online. In this candid and challenging episode, Paul and Jordan speak with Justin about the shocking prevalence of the offenders he encounters, and look at his personal and moral reasons for facing them head on.

Follow Justin’s busts: www.youtube.com/user/canadaohyayaya

Mentioned Media:

10:25 – “Can you tell us the story about the time when you jumped on the car?”
___See: CityNews’ Pedophile hunter exposes how potential predators groom children

22:29 – “There’s one doctor that I’ve read a report on…”
___See: Vice’s We Talked to A Doctor Who Chemically Castrates Pedophiles

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