Episode #2 – Idollator: Davecat

Have you ever considered marrying a doll?

Most who marry do so with other humans. Davecat, however, is not interested in tying the knot in the “organic way.” Instead, he is married to a doll: Sidore. Paul and Jordan talk to Davecat about his unusual relationship, as well as his longstanding romantic and spiritual connection to “RealDolls,” who provide him with the meaningful companionship he desires.

Follow Davecat online: kuroneko-chan.com/echoes
Davecat on Twitter: @Davecat
Sidore on Twitter: @leahtype

Mentioned Media:

1:00 – “Abyss Creations website…”
___See: www.realdolls.com

5:54 – “When you are on reality shows, My Strange Addiction…”
___See: My Strange Addiction – Davecat


22:17 – “When I went to New York to the Museum of Sex…”
___See: Museum of Sex

27:01 – “In one of the documentaries we were in, and I want to say it was Guys and Dolls…”
___See: Guys and Dolls

33:23 – “The film, Lars and the Real Girl…”

40:45 – “I saw this great video today of a boy who was being urged on, maybe by his mom, or someone, to hit a pinata…”

48:22  – “You may be familiar, possibly, with the theory of the “uncanny valley”…”
___See: 10 Creepy Examples of the Uncanny Valley
_______Wikipedia’s Uncanny valley

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