Episode #16 – Sheila Emami

Does falling in love make you more susceptible to scams?

Some marry for money, others for love, but what happens when the person you imagined marrying one day never existed? In this heart wrenching episode, Sheila Emami, a Toronto woman and successful real-estate agent, describes how she fell victim to an online romance scam by the notorious West African organized crime group, “The Black Axe.” Believing she was helping the object of her affection, a fake archaeologist working overseas, Sheila was defrauded of over half a million dollars. Heavily burdened by the experience, Sheila shares how she is struggling to pick up the pieces of her life, in the wake of terrible financial ruin. 

Learn more about and contact Sheila at www.remax.ca/on/sheila-emami-42058-ag

Sheila has also set up a GoFundMe, in hopes that it will help her recover some of her losses. You can read about that here.

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