Episode #122 – Carlos Cruz Mosquera: Street Gangs and the Danger of “Positive Thinking”

Dr. Paul Salvatori talks with socialist activist and scholar, Carlos Cruz Mosquera, about how “positive thinking”, as often found in popular self-help books, is a distraction from and counterproductive to fighting oppressive capitalist society. Drawing from his own experience as a former gang member and, later, motivational speaker, Carlos shares why radical political education is necessary to empower youth, especially those who—deprived by capitalist society of meaningful socio-economic opportunities—are prone to engaging in criminality.   

Read Carlos’ engaging article, “I’m a former gang member and I’m done peddling positivity”, and one of the focuses of this episode here. Also learn more about Anticonquista, a socialist publication focusing on the Latin American and Caribbean diaspora and which Carlos is co-editor, here.  



Producer – Dr. Paul Salvatori

Writer & Host – Dr. Paul Salvatori

Sound Editor – Peter Bull

Music – Dr. Paul Salvatori


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