Episode #11 – Stefonknee Wolscht

Dressing as a six-year old: Strange fetish or justifiable coping mechanism?

Described by a flood of recent news media as a transwoman who identifies as a six-year old girl, Stefonknee–formerly Paul Wolscht–has been at the centre of public controversy. Now estranged from both her family and a sizeable share of the LGBTQ community, Stefonknee describes how her form of play therapy has helped her deal with depression and anxiety, the difficult strain it has caused between herself and her former wife, and the possibility of empowerment through becoming an unlikely stand-up comedian. Learn more about Stefonknee’s story at thetransgenderproject.com.

Find Stefonknee online at stefonknee.com

Twitter: @Stefonknee

Youtube: Stefonknee Wolscht

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