Episode #10 – Street Preacher: David Lynn

Are Jordan and Paul going to hell? You decide, after listening to Toronto street preacher, David Lynn. 

On a mission to spread the word of God, David Lynn is not your ordinary preacher. Known for being outspoken in the public heart of downtown Toronto, while at the same time riling audiences, David invites others to challenge him on his microphone in an attempt to create dialogue and understanding about religion. Many, including the police, regard him as an unnecessary disturbance, using what should be neutral public space to convey his religious convictions. In this episode, Paul and Jordan talk to David about why he uses public space to convey his controversial views, as the episode explores the liberties necessary for a democratic society, including free speech–even when it means allowing the voices of those who offend us be heard. Learn more about David at christsforgiveness.com

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