Episode #114 – Documenting Jordan Peterson: Patricia Marcoccia and Maziar Ghaderi

On the cusp of his rise to international popularity, controversial University of Toronto professor, Jordan Peterson, visited the The Dark Room. Illuminating as he was on a wide array of philosophical topics, some of which reveal a deeply troubling side to our humanity, there was no mention by him about an important documentary that was being about him at the time.

Paul talks to Toronto filmmakers, Patricia Marcoccia and Maziar Ghaderi, about making that documentary, Shut Him Down: The Rise of Jordan Peterson, which premiered on CBC this month. The film present viewers with what life has been like for Peterson amid the major backlash he’s received as a vocal opponent of political correctness, while also shining a light on his critics, especially the transgender community, who believe he is promoting hatred. Sensitive to differing points of view, the film shies away from being an apology or justification for either side. Rather, as Patricia and Maziar suggest, Shut Him Down invites viewers to thinking critically about the heated divisions along ideological lines Peterson’s presence has created and, perhaps, a way of civilly resolving or managing them.

Watch Shut Him Down (currently only available to stream in Canada) here. You can also learn more about and follow Patricia and Maziar’s documentary work, via the follow site:

Shut Him Down

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Producer – Dr. Paul Salvatori

Writer & Host – Dr. Paul Salvatori

Sound Editor – Peter Bull

Music – Dr. Paul Salvatori

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