Episode #112 – Political Theatre Creators: Aida Keykhaii, Mohammed Yaghoubi and Sarah Marchand

The mainstream media has made us largely accustomed to view entertainment as escapism, such as the countless reality TV shows, televised sports event and action-packed films that surround (and distract) us every day. But can the power of entertainment actually be harnessed to promote a better, fairer world?

Dr. Paul talks with theatre creators Aida Keykhaii, Mohammed Yaghoubi and Sarah Marchand about how they came together to produce their latest play, Swim Team, focusing on the lives of three Iranian women bravely attempting–true to the production’s title–form a swim team in post-revolutionary Iran, and the impact they’d like the play to have in ending women’s oppression. Beyond sport itself, Swim Team illuminates the political challenges female athletes continue to face in Iran on account of having–as mandated by sexist law intended to preserve their “modesty” or “honour”–wear the hijab even during competition, as well as the lack of key governmental and other support for female athletics. Native to Iran themselves, Aida and Mohammed also share firsthand accounts of unfair censorship and misogyny that, unfortunately, is common place in Iran and how that has, on the one hand, challenged them as democratic artists and, on the other hand, motivated them further to develop theatrical works that expose injustice.

Learn more about and purchase tickets to Swim Team, premiering in Toronto on Sunday, August 12, 2018, here.



Producer – Dr. Paul Salvatori

Writer & Host – Dr. Paul Salvatori

Sound Editor – Peter Bull

Music – Dr. Paul Salvatori

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