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Mon, Oct. 3, 2016

In the third and final instalment of the Lilla Bertalan mini-series, Lilla shares how she feels Paul and Jordan have previously betrayed her trust, and describes her ideal farewell plans. Paul and Jordan are also joined by counsellor Lisa Roberts to reflect on their morally challenging conversations with Lilla, along with the possible psychology behind Lilla's desire to commit suicide, and to what extent experts and non-experts alike should intervene in someone's plan to cause serious harm to themselves.    

Learn more about global efforts in suicide prevention, involving major organizations such as the United Nations, here.

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Mon, Oct. 10, 2016

Mapping the field of human sexuality seems a never ending endeavour, as we constantly learn unknown and, perhaps, "forbidden" details of erotic life. As we’re continuously discovering on The Dark Room, what some find scary is for others arousing.


Paul and Jordan talk to Travis (the only name he goes by) about how the dark bondage--from sensory deprivation to hook suspension-- serves as his sexual playground, despite the fearful public depiction of it. Travis also sheds light on the intriguing science behind the devices and instruments he builds for this world and how they reflect his deeply held "Addams Family" values.

Learn more about Travis here, and check out his website here.

Mon, Oct. 17, 2016

While typical sexual education recognizes the singular penis as the primary male sex organ, some men--approximately 1 in 5.5 million--have two. The rare condition, known as "diphallia", may, in addition to medical complications, cause the dually endowed to fear stigmatization. However, for Clark, an anonymous man in the United States known online as "Double Dick Dude", having two penises is a natural gift he has embraced.


Paul and Jordan talk to Clark about what life was like growing up with two penises, the unconventional sexual lifestyle he lives, and what his, seemingly endless, erotic encounters have taught him about the fluidity of gender.    


Follow Clark on Twitter @DiphallicDude or learn more about his memoirs here.


Mon, Oct. 24, 2016

As the old rhyme about "sticks and stones” implies, words are too weak to harm. Yet, a controversy at the University of Toronto has recently erupted over the injurious use of gender pronouns.


Paul and Jordan speak with Dr. Jordan Peterson, psychology professor and centre of the controversy, about why he believes having to use the preferred gender pronoun of others is a violation of freedom of speech. Dr. Peterson has been cautioned by the university itself, warning him to discontinue teaching ideas that espouse not honouring someone’s preferred gender pronoun, but despite the strong opposition, Dr. Peterson reveals he is not changing for anyone.  

Learn more about Dr. Peterson at jordanbpeterson.com

Trick-or-treat? How far would you go for a scare?


All of us have a "fight-or-flight" response to readily perceive danger, prompting us to exit a situation before we are harmed. For those visiting Russ McKamey's San Diego-based haunted manor, testing how much harm they can endure is what draws them there in the first place.


Paul and Jordan talk to Russ about the alleged torture that occurs at the backyard manor, rumours about people dying as a result of experiencing it, and why some guests keep coming back. Despite the negative publicity and lawsuits surrounding the manor itself, Russ remains earnest to his attraction, where many visit worldwide to scare themselves near to death. Learn more about Russ at http://www.mckameymanor.com  

Mon, Oct. 31, 2016

Mon, Nov 7, 2016

For some, pain is not only pleasure, it’s sexually gratifying. Though still somewhat taboo, this aspect of human sexuality has become relatively familiar and, perhaps, less shocking in popular culture, especially with rise of blockbuster erotica such as Fifty Shades of Grey.


But what is it like to actually administer pain to those turned on by it? And why are they willing to pay dear for something most of us wish to avoid? Attempting to answer these questions, Paul and Jordan speak with seasoned dominatrix, Mizz Barbie Bitch, about inflicting both physical and mental anguish on her clients and how her professional work complements her naturally sadistic side. In Barbie’s world, cruelty is bliss.   

Learn more about Mizz Barbie at mizzbarbiebitch.com

Mon, Nov. 14, 2016

Imagine a world where you are force someone to hand over money and in return they receive nothing. What is more, they enjoy it.


Impossible?  Not so for financial dominatrix, Mona Wales, who demands her slaves pay her while she, online and in real life, humiliates them. While some may see this as a complete waste of one’s earnings, to her slaves, satisfying Mona’s material wants is sexually arousing.


Paul and Jordan talk to Mona about how she became a financial dominatrix, what her clients ultimately seek through her, and the extent to which she will be their “findom” before they go bankrupt.  

Learn more about Mona (NSFW) at monawales.com  

Mon, Nov. 21, 2016

Shoplifters are often regarded with a certain degree of contempt by society, thought to steal merchandise--from candy to designer clothes--to quickly posses what they would otherwise have to work to afford.  


For thief Alisa, however, shoplifting is mainly about making a personal, arguably political, statement: “I will not play by the rules of capitalism that require us to buy.”  Paul and Jordan talk to her about why she has, for years, enjoyed shoplifting for this reason, whether her regular urge to steal amounts to kleptomania, and her unusual shrine of stolen items, co-created with her boyfriend.  

Learn more about the psychology of shoplifting, including compassionate ways of overcoming it at kleptomaniacsanonymous.com

Mon, Nov. 28, 2016

Scientology has for long been a controversial organization, regarded by many as a dangerous cult while others view it as a progressive religion in the service of humanity.


Paul and Jordan talk to former high-ranking Scientology member, Jeff Hawkins, about his troubling experience in the organization. Despite the legitimacy it has gained through its endorsement by celebrity spokespersons, notably Tom Cruise, Jeff's experience led him speak out against Scientology as a violent and manipulative organization, headed by an intolerant psychopath. After being a loyal member for over 30 years, Jeff finally left Scientology, and now helps others part from it as well.    

Learn more about Jeff, including his books on the dark side of Scientology, at counterfeitdreams.com

Jefferson Hawkins

Does one have the capacity to change after being convicted of manslaugher?


Paul and Jordan talk to Segun Akinsanya about how he transformed his life for the better, following his incarceration for manslaughter while still a teen. Today an educator and social entrepreneur, Akinsanya is now a role model for troubled youth, helping them avoid the same destructive path, causing harm to others and themselves, he once chose. Segun reveals how a positive outlook and taking responsibility for his past led him onto this redemptive path.  

Learn more about Segun at segunsays.com  

Mon, Dec. 5, 2016