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Mon, Feb. 22, 2016

Described by a flood of recent news media as a transwoman who identifies as a six-year old girl, Stefonknee--formerly Paul Wolscht--has been at the centre of public controversy.  Now estranged from both her family and a sizeable share of the LGBTQ community, Stefonknee describes how her form of play therapy has helped her deal with depression and anxiety, the difficult strain it has caused between herself and her former wife, and the possibility of empowerment through becoming an unlikely stand-up comedian. Learn more about Stefonknee’s story at thetransgenderproject.com.


Find Stefonknee online at stefonknee.com

Twitter: @Stefonknee

Youtube: Stefonknee Wolscht

For our followers craving visual stimulation, check out our second vodcast. Stefonknee Wolscht identifies as "genderqueer," and has found safety in a unique form of play therapy -- identifying as a six-year-old girl. Estranged from her family and much of the LGBTQ community, Stefonknee remains undeterred in sharing her story.

Mon, Feb. 22, 2016

There's more to Stefonknee's identity than being genderqueer. Stefonknee is also a slam poet and aspiring comedian. She shares one of her poems in this teaser.

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Did “horrorcore” kill hip-hop? It's "all about the Benjamins"--from luxury cars to money stacks--in most of the hip-hop today. Whether in lyrics or performance, this materialism is often celebrated by artists of the genre.  For rapper Trash Gordon, however, hip-hop is a vehicle by which he dares to offend.  In this episode, Paul and Jordan talk to Trash about why he performs "horrorcore," directly at odds with mainstream norms and sensibilities, and the value he sees in sharing his lurid imagination with the world. Find Trash’s music on iTunes and Bandcamp.


Twitter: @Trash_Gordon

Facebook: @Trash Gordon - Gunpowder Solution

YouTube: Trash Gordon South

Mon, Feb. 29, 2016

Mon, Mar. 7, 2016

Controversial for what many consider his misogynistic photography, as well as having been banned--following community protests--from several event venues for it, Kirill “The Slut Whisperer” Bichutsky is no stranger to public disapproval. Known for his “champagne facials” involving pouring the drink over the faces (and bodies) of female party goers, Kirill blurs the line between simply documenting parties he photographs and creating an atmosphere where women are arguably made to become the objects of sexual spectacle. In this episode, Paul and Jordan talk to Kirill about how he first became “The Slut Whisperer," how he feels about the vociferous criticism against him, and why, in his view, he is living the American Dream. 


Learn more about Kirill at KirillWasHere.com or follow him on Twitter @KirillWasHere.

Dubbed "Cannibal Cop,” Gilberto Valle III, a former NYPD officer, was imprisoned for conspiracy to commit a series of grisly murders, involving the kidnapping and cooking of numerous women.  He has since been exonerated by a federal judge, who deemed conversations Gilberto had as nothing more than "fantasy role-play.”  In one of his first interviews since being released, Paul and Jordan talk to Gilberto about what led to his arrest, the challenges he faces due to his now highly publicized fetish, and his dissatisfaction with the documentary that promised to vindicate him. 


Learn more about the court case: www.fantasyisnotacrime.net.  Twitter: @TheRealGValle

Mon, Mar. 14, 2016

It is not often politicians get involved in "beef" between rappers, but that is exactly what "6 Dad" Norm Kelly, Toronto councillor and former deputy mayor, did, coming to Drake's defense on Twitter when attacked by Meek Mill over his lyrical content. Norm went so far as to tell Drizzy's antagonist: stay out of Toronto. The response he got from Meek? "Aye white man what gives you the audacity to tell me I can't come somewhere over me voicing my opinion! U sound like a thug lol."  Still chuckling at the incident, Norm talks to Paul and Jordan about his unlikely popularity in the world of hip-hop, the controversy surrounding his "overuse" of social media, and why, after three decades, he remains a steadfast politician.

Follow Norm Kelly on Twitter @norm.

Mon, Mar. 21, 2016

Mon, Mar. 28, 2016

Some marry for money, others for love, but what happens when the person you imagined marrying one day never existed? In this heart wrenching episode, Sheila Emami, a Toronto woman and successful real-estate agent, describes how she fell victim to an online romance scam by the notorious West African organized crime group, "The Black Axe.” Believing she was helping the object of her affection, a fake archaeologist working overseas, Sheila was defrauded of over half a million dollars. Heavily burdened by the experience, Sheila shares how she is struggling to pick up the pieces of her life, in the wake of terrible financial ruin.


Learn more about Sheila here.

Mon, Apr. 4, 2016

TW: suicide, self-harm


Does free will extend to taking your own life?


Lilla Bertalan, Hungarian poet and author, was originally invited onto the show to talk about her peculiar fetish for “blood play.” While the cast began normally, discussing the origins of Lilla’s interest in the pleasure involved in pain, neither Paul nor Jordan, expected Lilla to soon reveal plans to commit suicide in an “Exit Party.” In their most difficult podcast to date, join Paul and Jordan in listening to Lilla’s struggle with sexuality, acceptance, and why she feels what she is going through is not due to depression.

Mon, Apr. 12, 2016

Have we lost our sense of touch?

Marylen Reid, founder of the “Cuddlery,” Canada's first professional cuddling service, thinks so. Marylen, and her trained team of expert cuddlers, are on a mission to supply more warmth and happiness to an overstressed world. Paul and Jordan talk to Marylen about how she started the unusual service and discuss its life-altering value for its clients, while also dispelling misconceptions surrounding the experience as being erotic or sexual. Marylen describes the Cuddlery like good medicine, it is fundamentally about promoting increased health, well-being, and even life span, through the power of compassionate embrace.  

Learn more about Marylen’s Cuddlery at www.cuddlery.ca  

Mon, Apr. 18, 2016

Stephen can trace his enthusiasm with porn to childhood. Now in his mid-30s, he has become an avid collector of the genre and resists taking part in the major cultural shift from consuming porn in hardcopy form to digitally, online. Stephen discusses the art of collecting porn, the changes in the pornography industry and its impact on this generation, and why he continues to enjoy porn the old-school way. Unlike many of his male counterparts, Stephen embraces his love of porn, who views watching porn as a healthy outlet for sexual frustration.

Mon, Apr. 25, 2016

Vikki, a model and dancer, believes her looks get her ahead in life. But she is more than just a pretty face. Paul and Jordan talk to Vikki about why she has embraced the exhausting demands placed on women to be “hot” and how a difficult home life while building independence and strength of character, led her in that direction. Vikki’s experience invites listeners to consider how superficial we might still be as a society and to what extent physical beauty matters more than what is supposedly the main determinant of success in a democratic society: hard work.


Learn more about Vikki at www.facebook.com/vikkilenola

Follow her on Instagram: @vikkilenola

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