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Hosted by Paul Salvatori and Jordan Randall, The Dark Room is a podcast exploring the strange and controversial, while promoting public dialogue and debate on often misunderstood lifestyles, cultures, and worldviews.  Guests are invited, without bias or judgment, to share unusual personal stories or points of view; audiences, by the same token, are asked to consider them with an open-mind and arrive at their own conclusions about them.  In a spirit similar to documentary film, The Dark Room illuminates realities often considered "dark" or taboo, without (despite Paul and Jordan’s reflections on the show) taking a final moral or definitive stance. 


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Content within the podcast does not reflect the personal views or beliefs of the hosts of The Dark Room.

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Paul Salvatori is producer and co-host of The Dark Room. He holds a PhD in philosophy, from the University of Ottawa, and likes to think he is putting it to good use on the show---asking guests about what they take to be obvious intrigues and often confuses Paul. Outside The Dark Room, Paul is a longtime reggae lover and musician and plans one day, after some coffee, to sing on the show. Learn more about Paul here.


Jordan Randall likes to think that he is a very deep dude with a lot of wise things to say. He was born in 1987, but he doesn't know what year he will die yet. Jordan Randall likes to start his day off with a cool refreshing bottle of Dr Pepper, which is available at most convenience stores, grocery stores, vending machines, etc. He's also got a website jordanrandall.com

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Robyn Lewis is the co-producer, website manager, and social media guru for The Dark Room, and is fairly convinced the show would never have come to fruition without her ability to keep the hosts' creative genius on task. When she's not learning how to make the cast better, she's playing Scrabble, sampling craft beer, and working in a library. Though, as she lives with a (practically) feral cat, the majority of her time is actually spent dodging the deadly advances of one Liu Kang's claws. Check out her work here.

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Aaleya is an upcoming Editor who is passionate about the interesting, wise and important. 

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